Milestone bioView3D 0.1.15


23 / 23

  • NEW: support for 4D images with caching of time points
  • NEW: touch gestures for zoom, panning and time navigation
  • NEW: save/load for movie points
  • NEW: scale bar with movement and customization
  • NEW: auto rotation and friction
  • NEW: tree structure with hide/show checkboxes for gobjects
  • NEW: gobject filtering by type using "Include only/exclude all"
  • NEW: yellow, magenta, cyan and gray color channels in rendering
  • NEW: support for macosx dock file dropping and execution
  • IMPROVED: simplified UI
  • IMPROVED: predefined rotations in the movie mode
  • IMPROVED: camera transformation tools
  • IMPROVED: new libbioimage with support for Zeiss ZVI, improved OIB, etc...
  • FIXED: all known bugs in rendering, movie and snapshot export, gobjects and scaling
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