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The Bioimage Informatics imaging wall.


The AIWall is advance imaging wall made of 20 1600x1200 screen arranged in 5x4 rectangle for a maximum resolution of 8000x4800 pixels. The wall is currently used to view very large high resolution mosaics of confocal images in full detail.

The software running the wall is XDMX and our own WallView.

Our InstallationNotes while setting the wall.


  • bioView - The viewer that's running on the system.
  • bioView3D - The 3D visualization software which is currently in alpha testing stage.


OpenCL powered interpolation
gobject def and rendering of surfaces and volumes
update wv remote to gray channel and timers on pages and add slices
image enhancement
add play list for navigation on multiple files
use Eigen camera module to restructure object and camera transformations



Getting the source

We are using Mercurial for our source control system. This should be installed before proceeding.

If you simply want to browse the source code, please go here

You can get a read-only copy of imgcnv with the following command:

   hg clone

if you plan on submitting patches directly to our repository, You must be an enabled user. You can become a user by sending mail to kris@….

In a nut shell, developers must are able access the source using ssh. In order to access the code you must provide me with your or, which you can find or generate using ssh-keygen. The default location will be in your ~/.ssh/

Once you are enabled you can get copy with

hg clone ssh://

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