1. Document store architecture
    1. data service for blob/matrix/ and xml
    2. asynchronous index notification
    3. background processing of ingest tasks
  1. Query service with Multi-type indexing architecture.
    1. tag/xml/xquery
    2. spatial
    3. content-based (based on features)
    4. Dynamic creating of indexes
  1. support for LSA (large scale annotations)
    1. Millions of annotations/resource
    2. Mixing dynamic and structured data
  1. bqnode api for python and javascript
  2. bulk metadata handling
  3. Engine enhancements
    1. Secure protocol
    2. Support for upgrade
    3. Job control
    4. Interactive modules
  4. Elastic Search integration

Place for unassigned 0.5 tasks.

  1. Video support
  2. Very Large Image support (Sparse, and Composed images)
  3. Specialized indexers and document storage (allow spatial operators)
  4. Uncertainty extensions

Unassigned 0.6.XXX tasks

Milestone: 0.7.0

No date set

  1. Semantic web functionality
  2. Enhanced export options including RDF
  3. Use sparql for queries
  4. Integrated tagging/ontology use

All tasks not currently assigned to a milestone (someday tasks)

  • Full OME Bridge
    1. OME bridge
    2. OMERO Bridge
  • Search by content system
  • Ontology editing support
    1. Create and edit ontological terms
    2. Import ontology from standard sources (OWL, RDF)
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