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This is the developer web site for recording documentation, and bug reports. If you're looking for user-side information check out our main web page.

Bisque is an advanced image database and analysis system for biological 5D images. It supports large scale image databases (TB -> PB), flexible experimental data management, metatdata and content based search, analysis integration and knowledge discovery. The system is based on scalable web services and is deployed on one to N servers depending on needs and dataload.

Some key ingredients are:

  • Flexible schema for scientific data management
  • Integrated analysis system
  • Search by content and metadata
  • Data visualization system

A taste of Bisque

If you would like to try the Bisque system, you can first visit our software-as-a-service CBI website. You can use this system for your own personal collections (fully backed up) or you can just test drive it.

Soup of the day

How to get your own bowl

Waiter, I have a fly in my Bisque

  • Problem? please let us know by using emailing above (Or check our ticket list first).
  • Live chat with Bisque developers using Bisque room on partychat or simply add to your gtalk/jabber client
  • Or join our chatroom

Recipes for Chefs

Do you plan to extend Bisque in some way? Please visit the following sections:

Apicius, de re coquinaria

External resources: Other items that might be of interest to the Bisque developers and users

Brigade de cuisine

  • Chef de cuisine: Kris Kvilekval
  • Sous-chef de cuisine: Dmitry Fedorov
  • Chef de partie: Christian Lang
  • Saucier: John Delaney

Please see our complete list of developer contributors

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