Future Extensions

In the future, we plan to extend the bisque system with:

  • Content feature server to perform expensive computations of image content feature descriptors which are useful image classification, searching, and modelling.
  • Image similarity index and content-based search for biological images in order to outline specific patterns in biological conditions.
  • Social web factors to provide extended collaboration features including better sharing, discussions and commenting facilities commonly found in popular social web applications such as Facebook and Flickr.
  • Probabilistic data management to model the inherent limitations and errors that exist in all measurements and analysis methodologies eventually providing higher accuracy results.
  • Online benchmark for evaluation of biological image analysis to measure the performance of image analysis methods. Benchmarking allows biologists to choose the best performing analysis algorithm for their data and computer scientists to measure the performance of new analysis methods.
  • Goals for 0.5.XX series : Move to document architecture with advanced javascript UI (extjs). Focus on analysis integratation, documents architecture and support for non-image data types. GoalsFor0.5.XX?


Bisque Data Service structure and interfaces

Internal structure

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