Bisque releases

Bisque development occur in ssh://

Stable releases are in


Procedure for create a stable release

  1. Prepare an up-to-date clone of developer
         hg clone ssh:// sync
  2. Update Version number in and bqcore/bq/core/
  3. Re-run bq-admin deploy public
  4. Tag the trunk with a release tag
         cd bisque
         hg tag "release A.B.C  20YY-MM-DD"
         hg commit -m "comments about release"
         hg push
         cd ..
  5. Prepare an up-to-date clone of stable if you do not have one
         hg clone ssh://
  6. Pull, (merge) and commit
         cd bisque-stable
         hg pull -u ../sync
         hg merge
         hg commit "merging for release"
         hg push
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