The goal of this project is to take content-based image-retrieval one step further in size and closer to real world applications. The system handles over 10 Million images to date, and the collection is still growing.

Recent advances in processing and networking capabilities of computers have led to an accumulation of immense amounts of multimedia data such as images. One of the largest repositories for such data is the World Wide Web (WWW). We present Cortina, a large-scale image retrieval system for the WWW. Cortina v.3 indexes still over 10 Million images using image content, text and annotations At the systems level, the components of Cortina include building image collections using a Web crawler, collecting category information and keywords, and processing images to compute content descriptors. In this last version of Cortina the user has 4 options to start a search as shown in the Screen Shot on the right. Keyword query, to do a keyword or text search within the existing images, upload an image or insert the URL, browse images in the database randomly, or cluster to visualize images in its semantic clusters.

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