Version Change Log


  • New: texture atlas generation
  • New: support for multiple ROIs
  • Update: Improved generation of video files, specifically H264 codec based
  • Update: updated to ffmpeg 2.2.1
  • Update: updated all image libraries


  • New: thresholding, gamma correction, brightness and contrast
  • New: Image transformations: color, space, etc
  • New: Most operations are parallelized
  • New: rotation, flip and mirror commands
  • New: slic superpixels
  • New: guessing rotation based on EXIF
  • New: reading input files from a text file
  • New: combined channel enhancements for RGB images
  • New: Axis reprojection: XYZ -> XZY and XYZ -> YZX
  • Update: many speed updates to large tiff files, meta and info calls
  • Fix: many fixes for very large files, pixel formats, 3D interpolation


  • New: Support for Digital Camera RAW - Adobe DNG, Canon CR2, CRW, Nikon NEF...
  • New: Support for MicroManager? OME-TIFF JSON metadata
  • New: Parallelized resize and pyramid construction functions


  • New: Channel fusion to RGB image given RGB components for each channel
  • New: Decoding of preferred RGB components for each channel for all formats
  • Updated: Zeiss LSM parser improved to decode more meatdata
  • Updated: More information is printed about formats in XML


  • New: Full support for OME-BigTIFF
  • ffmpeg 1.0 support with WebM, x264, etc
  • video deinterlacing


  • New: No upsample argument in resize
  • Update: Many improvements and fixes to OIB reader


  • Support Zeiss ZVI file format
  • EXIF/IPTC metadata parsing
  • improve preferred channel mapping for OIB and Fluoview
  • add support for 7 channel visual mapping: R,G,B,Y,C,M,Gray
  • add registration based "overlapping frames" constraint for sampling
  • add skipping frames in the beginning and at the end
  • new binary: gobjects renderer, separate due to Qt usage
  • new: store to and use histogram from the file
  • support progressive jpeg encoding, make it default but allow option to disable


  • New: Channel fusion that allows combining channels, ex: 1+4,2+4,3
  • New: 3D interpolation (for 3D images) with Nearest Neighbor, Trilinear and Tricubic
  • New: Append channels from another file, images must match sizes and pixel formats
  • Fix: Writing OME-TIFF images with multiple channels



  • Major library updates and support for new platforms
  • Added testing framework and all releases are now tested against exhaustive benchmark
  • Full support for Windows64
  • Full support for Intel based MacOSX
  • Full support for Signed, Unsigned and Float images in: 8/16/32/64 bits (includes resize, histogram and Luts)
  • Updated Matlab MEX: bimread
  • Updated libraries: ffmpeg, libtiff, libjpeg, libpng

Command line

  • Support for definition of 5D geometry from command line
  • All metadata is now transfered by default
  • Add tiling command (generates a tiled pyramid is specified format in desired location)


  • Full support for BigTIFF
  • Added support for OIB version
  • Many OME-TIFF fixes


  • Heavily improved metadata system: extraction of many more tags for all formats, code clean-up, new command line options
  • Added full support for OME-TIFF file format
  • Heavily improved parsing for STK, LSM, Fluoview
  • Improved command line parsing
  • Several improvements and fixes for OIB format, mostly fixed loading of mosaics, greatly improved speed for large files
  • Support for 1 and 4 bit images, they will be converted to 8 bit images


  • Start of changelog
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