UCSB BioImaging Informatics Infrastructure

This site contains documentation, and scripts related to the installed infrastructure at the center for bioimaging informatics.

The current Cluster Status

This site contains several sub-projects stored as compnents.

Common Items

Information deposit for cluster and infrastructure items.

Getting the source

You can get a read-only copy of bisque with the following command, however if you plan on submitting patches directly to our repository please read below.

   hg clone

You must be an enabled user send mail to kris@… to be enabled In a nut shell, you must be able to access the source using ssh. In order to access the code you must provide me with your, which you can find or generate using ssh-keygen. The default location will be in your ~/.ssh/

Mercurial is a fast and easy to use source management system. Once you are enabled you can get copy with

hg clone ssh://

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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