Scientist's Digital Notebook

This is the developer web site for recording documentation, and bug reports. If you're looking for user-side information check out our main web page.

The XDMA project is building a digital notbook for imaging systems in order to collect experimental metadata in textual and graphical form as well as to upload image and metadata into the Bisque system.


If you simply want to browse the source code, please use our Online Source Browser

Getting the source

We are using Mercurial for our source control system, so it should be installed before proceeding. You can get a read-only copy of imgcnv with the following command:

   hg clone

If you plan on submitting patches directly to our repository, You must be an enabled user. You can become a user by sending mail to kris@….

In a nut shell, developers must are able access the source using ssh. In order to access the code you must provide me with your or, which you can find or generate using ssh-keygen. The default location will be in your ~/.ssh/

Once you are enabled you can get copy with

hg clone ssh://

Making a release

Once all updates to the source are done and all tests performed and you are ready to release, follow these procedures:

  • Tag the repository version:
    hg tag Release-X.XX -m "Release X.XX"
    hg push
  • Update the Version change log wiki page
  • Compile and upload all binaries into the Trac Uploader
  • Compile and upload debian packages
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